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A Picture in the Life of Kellen


day 154 (03/06): xmen
went to watch xmen first class today! went to pancake parlour beforehand. this is eddie and daniel playing chess…and eating….like bosses

eddie’s last name is pronounced like cock and he’s also taller than me, so i think you should follow him

day 153 (02/06): muffin
bought a muffin from uni today and when i ate the top, i found this, a sweet, sweet pool of blueberry

day 152 (01/06): work
this is what i did at work today (yeah, i got a job, tell you about it some other time) sort through files and order them alphabetically. i was really pedantic and wanted to also order it chronologically. i found out the next day that my friend messed up my chronology T__T 

day 151 (31/05): masterchef
i actually had a proper lunch today, pasta!!…..left over pasta because it was made the day before….but still pasta!!

day 150 (30/05): bru.
had daniel’s penny board today so my brother and i went a skatin’ to the shops to buy some groceries 

day 149 (29/05): another day wasted
so i’m at the library right now and it is PACKED. friggin’ high school kids all up in my libraries. jks….not really, i guess it’s my fault that i got here late and couldn’t find a table near a power plug…socket….thing SHIT WHAT ARE THEY CALLED?? so now i’m working on a stool next to a…pillar? WHAT IS UP WITH MY ENGLISH TODAY. oh that’s right, my english is always dodgy when i’m trying to write an essay. whoop. where’s the rest of my stuff? on some on table somewhere. where’s my wallet? in my bag on some on table somewhere. why isn’t my wallet with all my stuff here which seem to be the most expensive stuff i have? because i have nothing valuable in there and even less money, SO DON’T TAKE MY SHIT IF YOU’RE AT THIS LIBRARY BECAUSE THERE’S NO POINT.

oh right, why has today been deemed another day wasted? well for those who can be bothered reading some more bitchin’ (warning: this will be a waste of time to read and in very, very poor english):
woke up at 10ish got out of bed at 11.30ish, had this ebay item i was watching and was ending at 11.48. won it! but anyway after that i got ready to go to the library to study and shiznit because y’know exams and stuff, so i head out. bus is 6 minutes late, consequently i miss my train by like i dunno, a few minutes, yay. get on the train. fat chick sits opposite me and takes up all my space, i mean i don’t really have anything against fat people or at least i don’t think i do but i sure as hell do when they take up what little space i have on public transport. i get to the city, walk out and the station place filled with little teen girls everywhere, biebs in town? i dunno. i somehow make my way out and i need a laptop case so i go and get one. got it, walk to library. get there, there’s no seats, this i should’ve known because it was 2, all the high school kids all up in my libraries! ARHH! so i decide to go my other campus uni library and i get to the station and then the time was like “train arriving in 1 minute” but then my myki wouldn’t scan so then it turned in to “train arriving now”. i get through the gates then on the escalators these chicks were blocking my way so i’m all like “um excuse me, could i just get through here please?” nothing. “UH EXCUSE ME CAN I JUST GET THROUGH PLEASE” “huh? oh yeah…sure” get down the escalators too see my train go. it’s ‘kay though because i had another train in another 4 minutes. OH WAIT, WHAT’S THAT? MY TRAIN’S BEEN DELAYED? trust. you’d understand if you lived in melbourne and took its public transport.

sorry for wasting your time! i did warn you though… :)

day 148 (28/05): best burgs evarr
last week daniel and i went to this burger place in albert park and the burgers are AMAZING. LIKE ZOMG. AMAZING. burgasm right there. so we went again this week :)

(this photo’s actually from last week)

fail project 3(10)
found this carved out smiley face on my lecture table. someone must’ve been preeettay bored….